• strawberry growing method(วิธีการปลูกสตรอเบอร์รี่, 딸기 재배법)
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    태국을 30년 가까이 왕래하면서 태국이 변화되는 시대적 흐름을 자연스럽게 알게 된다. 그 중 하나가 한국의 과일 중 딸기의 인기가 하늘을 찌를 듯 높다는 것이다. 지금은 태국에서 딸기가 재배가 되고 있지만 한국 딸기 맛과 견줄만한 수준까지 도달하지 못했다. 태국 손님에게 딸기는 최고의 선물이자 사랑을 받을 수 있는 기회를 얻게 될 것이다. 최근 태국에서 딸기 재배에 관심이 높아 딸기 재배 방법을 알려달라고 문의가 많이 들어왔다.  딸기 재배 방법을 영어로 번역한 것을 아래와 같이 소개한다.


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    Strawberries are cold vegetables and like cold climates. It is strong in the cold, but leaves may die if not covered up in the central region, and one or two flowers developed in spring may freeze to death.



    Temperature condition

    The suitable temperature for the strawberry to grow is around 17 ~ 18 ℃ and 8 ℃ at night. If it is over 20 ℃, it is not good to grow.

    Strawberries love moisture, and they are weak for drying, especially when the temperature is high on the harvester and the ground is dry, yields are reduced and their quality is poor.

    Strawberries are resistant to cold, so low-cultivation is possible. In autumn, when the temperature is low and the daytime becomes shorter, it enters a dormant phase.



    Soil conditions

    In general, loam that adapts well to any type of soil, is well drained and has a water retention capacity. Soil acidity has good acidity. The proper temperature for root growth is not good enough to be above or below 20 ℃. It hardly grows especially below 10 ℃




    Generally, in late September to early October, when the temperature drops to about 17 ° C and the length of the day is about 12 hours, the growth point becomes flower buds, followed by differentiation. The flower of the strawberry is also called 'Jewelry Flour', but the original insect is a 'Flower Flour', which is a form in which the insects carry pollen.



    How to grow strawberries

    The cultivation method is a one-year cultivation planting new seedlings every autumn and harvesting only once, and a multi-year cultivation method for planting the first seedling and continuing for several years.

    One-year cultivation produces good fruits as a method used for cultivating or semi- cultivating in warm regions. In cold climates, many year-round cultivation methods are used, which remove old mothers and unnecessary runners and continue harvesting for three to four years. In this cultivation method, the second and third years yield the highest yields and good quality.

    One-year cultivation is carried out in facility cultivation, but many year-round cultivation is carried out in open-land cultivation.



    Planting and seedlings

    The best time to plant is from late September to early October. Manure is given manure, phosphate and potassium, and in the case of multiyear cultivation, it is given in early autumn every year. Spring additions should be given early, but when only nitrogenous manure is used excessively or is late, the leaves are lush and the fruit does not grow well. Change straw just before the flowers bloom.

    Strawberry fields for seedlings are harvested one by one in two rows after harvesting, widen between abandons to give fertilization, and laid out accordingly. Seedlings are planted at 12cm intervals in July and late July to grow seedlings.


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